Chance Card or Chancekarte Germany 2024

Chance Card or Chancekarte is the fastest way to enter Germany. Chance Card or Chancekarte allows you to get a chance to be a permanent resident of Germany. With this Chance Card or Chancekarte, you can earn more money either on a Temporary work permit or the possibility of full-time work. By holding this card you will be able to get guaranteed work in Germany and a bright future in Germany.

What is Chance Card or Chancekarte?

Chance Card or Chancekarte is the Simplified migration scheme for skilled workers in Germany. Chance Card or Chancekarte is an opportunity by the German Government for all skilled workers who want to come and work in Germany. The Foreigners’ Registration Office or the appropriate German mission abroad in your home country (such as the German Embassy) are the two places where you can apply for the Opportunity Card.

What are the requirements of Chance Card or Chancekarte?

The basic requirements of Chance Card or Chancekarte are two years of vocational training or a University Degree and that you have basic knowledge of German (A1) or English (B2). You can also check your eligibility by using the Points System. You must achieve at least six points to be allowed to work in Germany.

What are the benefits of Chance Card or Chancekarte?

5 Key advantages and benefits of Chance Card or Chancekarte are:

  • It is possible to enter Germany quickly and easily.
  • Possibility of permanent residence in Germany.
  • A secure livelihood with a good income.
  • You can get a Guaranteed work permit.
  • Good chance of a qualified part-time/full-time job.

How to qualify for Chance Card or Chancekarte?

To qualify for Chance Card or Chancekarte You must reach a total of six points. The detail of Points for Chance Card or Chancekarte is given below.

  • You will get Four points if you are partial recognition of a foreign professional qualification or for permission to practice a regulated profession (e.g. teacher, nurse, or engineer).
  • If you have five years of professional experience (in the last seven years) in the learned profession as well as a preceding two years of professional training according to the rules of the country of origin. Then you will get Two Points. Alternatively, you receive three points for good German language skills at level B2.
  • If you have professional experience preceding vocational training (within the last five years) you will also get Two Points. If you are under the age of 35, you will receive an additional two points.
  • If you have German language skills at level B1 you will get Two points.
  • Applicants under the age of 40 who have previously lived in Germany (for at least six months) receive one point. You must offer documentary evidence of this. Previous tourist stays do not count.
  • You will also get One point for very good knowledge of English (C1), reasonable knowledge of German (A2),
  • One Point for vocational training/university degree in an area of official labor shortage in Germany,
  • And One Point If you apply for the Chance Card or Chancekarte together with your spouse.

What is the point based visa in Germany?

Chance Card or Chancekarte Visa is the point based visa issued by the Federal Government of Germany. It starts in June 2024 and anyone can apply who qualifies for the basic requirements of the visa.

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What is the Validity of a Chance Card or Chancenkarte Visa

The visa is valid for One Year on which a foreigner can enter Germany and find work. He can work up to 20 hours per week. The main difference of this visa is any foreigner (non-EU) who wants to work in Germany does not have to obtain a work permit.

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